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Impact Driven Conversations

Aug 9, 2021

Sex workers are often deemed or labeled low in society because of the nature of the work that they do.  However, sex workers are just like any other people who are trying to put food on their tables. They work to earn, live, provide for the family’s needs and survive. 

Join us in this episode of Impact Driven Conversations Podcast, as sex workers talk about how they were able to get into the field, what pushed them to do the job, and what they deal with every day. 

You’re about to hear a very special and delicate podcast that may help you in understanding those who are living on as sex workers. This podcast will show the daily struggles of sex workers, the reason why they were pushed to do the work, and how they deserve to also be treated as normal workers who are just trying to thrive and survive despite the difficulties of life. 

We recorded this podcast under trying circumstances, as the sex workers didn’t have access to proper internet connectivity. Please bear with us over the quality of the audio. The first bit is in Tamil, as Megana doesn’t converse in English. Her story is a harrowing one. But not altogether different from countless others. 

Common Problems Encountered in the Sex Worker’s Industry: 


According to the speakers, Megana and Maltilda, they faced problems in the workplace such as:


  1. Clients who do not give the proper payment
  2. Illegal individuals who don’t pay the sex workers
  3. Harassment and clients who ask for personal details


To deal with it professionally, the speaker said that she needs to consider it as work and work alone, and the constant self-reminder that she needs money to provide for the needs of her family and to survive from her daily financial dilemma. 


The Sex Worker’s Dilemma


Their work requires physical interaction and it takes courage to do so.  Most of the time they are underpaid, sometimes people are being cruel to them, and if unlucky, they will not be paid by illegal clients. The hardest part is that they have to keep it from their own families and they just continue to work to provide for them and give them their financial needs. 


The Importance of  Empathy and Understanding for Sex Workers


We are all doing our best to survive every day. To pay our bills, to be able to eat good food, and to alleviate financial problems. Sex workers are just like any of us. They are just good people who are trying to survive despite the everyday struggles of life, which is why we should not condemn them but rather understand them more and become more compassionate about their circumstances.


What Pushes them to do the Work


As said by the speaker, she stated that she started working as a sex worker because of poverty. Poverty is mainly the reason why they are pushed to do the work without their family knowing since their families believed them to have work in a factory or somewhere else. She has to do the work to deal with financial problems, bills topping up and to provide for her family’s needs. She said that she wanted to take care of her children and save money, and one way to do it is to work as a sex worker. 


What can the Government and Society do to help the Sex Workers?

According to the speaker, one way to help them is to make their work legal. To make people understand that they are working legally. If their work is legal, there will also be more chances of earning more and having decent and high-profile clients. 


They also want to highlight that working as a sex worker is not cheap and they can earn better if it is done legally.


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